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Draco Malfoy
You know. People need to figure out what it is they want, exactly. Either that, or keep their fucking hands in their own pants.

I'm tired of being molested in the halls by unwanted persons.

Some people also need to buck up to games they started and finish them. It was rediculous.. winning by default.

I find the bathroom is still one big mess. Dirty towels and panties all over the floor. Living with a girl is a travesty to my health.

I recieved a box of sweets from Mother today. I found the chocolate covered raspberries to be divine. The mixture of juice and chocolate instantly fills your mouth and senses as you bite into the plump item.

That makes me kind of... needy.

I should find the one I'm seeking and continue my plans of seduction. After my conquest, I can slowly take over the rest of the school and set things to the right workings.

I'm quite tired. And rambling.

Maybe I should take a bubble bath and go to bed. I can get in a good wank relaxing session before I set to sleep.
50 Head Boy moans //// Press that Head Boy badge, baby!
I find myself unable to stop from thinking about our talk. It continues to haunt my dreams and drive me to the edge of insanity with my thoughts. Why have I been affected so hard by such a simple event? Why can’t I let this go?

I really wish I knew.

I just hope that it happens again.

That in itself is fucking frightening.

Then at the party. There was a kiss.

I am still unsure of what exactly it was created out of.

Is this a fun, new little game?

Things need to liven up. Concerning me, at least. I welcome it.

I’m quite tired. My head aches.

I believe I will curl up in the inglenook. It’s a plush couch waiting for me. Possibly read.

Or I may go straight to sleep…

My only fear with dreams, is that they will be strangely, but not unpleasantly plagued with those eyes.
The Interhouse Party will not be discussed by or with me. I wish not to remember a single part of it. If you bring it up, you will have detention.

I’ve slowly become accustom to the changes around the castle. It seems to offer a creative solution to things that may have slowly started to loose their fun and excitement.

My hair is back to normal, for all of you that might not have known. Do not ever expect to find me with pink hair or silver lamé pants again.

The search for what has caused the change is still in affect. As always, if anyone has information on what may have started this, please promptly inform me with such facts.

Finch-Fletchey. If I find you have tried to take points away from a Slytherin because of their lack of color, I will suspend your powers.

Corner. I need to speak with you.

Weasel. I need to speak with you as well.

Macmillan. Discussion of the search for the cause of the change needs to be... discussed.

Granger. I do not appreciate finding your black… underthings in the bathroom floor!
33 Head Boy moans //// Press that Head Boy badge, baby!
Who ever the FUCK decided to dye my hair pink and make it sparkle when it hits the light, is going to be beat.. hard.

There is one culprit that I currently know of. Finch whatever-the-hell-his-last-name-is.

Or Snape.

Who, by the way, is NOT touching my couch. I will be moving it into my personal quarters.

Also, whoever has sent Granger pink undergarments I’m going to be sick in my name will be served with a MONTH full of detentions.

I am frankly disgusted by these actions.

Enough is enough.
69 Head Boy moans //// Press that Head Boy badge, baby!
I’ve been beyond myself, trying to figure out who exactly has been affected. This is honestly leaving me daft with a side shot of confusion.

I need to find a different method of discovering who has changed.

I believe I got too close to Corner today.

Damn it.

It brought back memories.

Delights... I yearn for them now as I seem unable to obtain them.

How could I loose myself so suddenly in a simple action?

I’ve got to watch my back, make sure this isn’t discovered.

Those eyes.. Wide and innocent.

They’ve been haunting me all day.
Even though in the past I have had my doubt about the crazy old bat Headmaster, he has proved wise in this case. For those of you that do not pay attention and are ignorant in ways beyond belief.. I, Draco Malfoy, am Head boy. I believe the position was rightfully appointed. There was no better Prefect for the job. I will take my new power and turn this school into the rightful state of order and tyranny discipline. My first act as such, was to take care of a pair of Hufflepuffs having a snog in the train compartments. Dreadfully disgusting, I assure you.

If you have any business with me, you may either owl me, or visit my quarters between the designated times. If you are past out curfew. I will not be merciful.

I’ve noticed a few.. changes as of recent. If there is any news of why this is happening, please inform me at once, it is imperative.

I do believe I have run out of sweets. Mother is unable to send me a fresh bundle. If anyone would be wise enough to share their own, I do assure you that they will be well compensated.

In other news. If you visit Mud Granger’s quarters. I demand silence. I do not want to hear of any activities that may be happening through the walls of the castle. I am private enough to silence my room so my ..exploits are not heard. I want the same in return.

Out of curiosity, was anyone else accosted on the Express before arriving to school?
45 Head Boy moans //// Press that Head Boy badge, baby!